News – Seattle Children’s Thank You

News – Seattle Children’s Thank You

Rep. Haler was honored to receive this letter from Children’s Hospital, thanking him for his work on mental health services for children.

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May 20, 2016

The Honorable Larry Haler
713 Jadwin Ave
Rlchland, WA 99352-6027

Dear Representative Haler:

Thank you for supporting passage of Bill 2439 to increase access to adequate and appropriate mental health services for children and youth, and for including $608,000 in the final budget for a Partnership Access Line (PAL) expansion pilot that will benefit constituents  in your district.  These are very important steps toward improving the health of children and adolescents across the State, and it was your diligent commitment to work through to agreement that made the difference.

On behalf of everyone at Seattle Children’s, thank you for this achievement.


Jeff Sperring, MD
Chief Executive Officer